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Specialisted Belting Supplies for Bulk Material Handling

Cotton canvas is woven by cotton fibers both in warp and in weft, its elongation is relatively low, it is good in mechanical fastening and adhesion with rubber. Cotton conveyor belt has relatively small deformation under high temperature conditions, suitable for short-distance and light-load transportation of materials. Polyester cotton conveyor belt is the upgraded product of cotton conveyor belt, and its tension resistant body is woven by polyestdy cotton fibers in warp and cotton ricers in weft. Its comprehensive physical and mechanical characteristics are obviously better than those of cotton conveyor belt, especially the belt body is thinner and lighter, the belt has better shock resistance and thus the belt has better use function and can reduce energy and material consumption for users. it is the ideal selection for medium, short distance and medium-load transportation of materials.

Nylon is one of the best quality synthetic fibers the rubber industry use nowadays. The nylon canvas is woven by nylon ribers both in warp and in weft, it is the most widely used fabric in rubber industry, and its outstanding merits are its high abrasion resistance, high tensile strength and good fatigue resistance. Conveyor belts with nylon canvas inside have the characteristics of thin belt body, high tensile strength, good shock resistance, good trough ability, high adhesion between plies, splendid flexibility and long working life. Nylon conveyor belts are suitable for medium, long distance and heavy-load transportation of materials, widely used in mining, metallurgical industry and architectural industry ports and etc.

Polyester conveyor belts, also called EP conveyor belts, whose tension resistant body is canvas woven by polyester in warp
and polyamine in weft. The belts have the characteristics of low elongation in warp and good trough ability in weft, good water resistance, and good wet strength, no mould, suitable for medium, long distance and heavy load transportation of materials. Because of the high initial modulus of polyester, the belts can choose a relative
low safety ractor.

Belt Type Fabric Type Single Fabric Strength(N/mm) Single Fabric Thickness(mm)

Top Rubber  

Bottom Rubber


Width Range


Cotton Canvas Belt CC--56 56 1.10







3-12 300-3200 20-1000
Nylon Belt NN100 100 0.70 2-10 300-3200 20-1000
NN150 150 0.75
NN200 200 0.90
NN250 250 1.15
NN300 300 1.25
NN400 400 1.50
EP Belt EP100 100 0.75
EP150 150 0.85 2-8 300-3200 20-1000
EP200 200 1.00
EP250 250 1.20
EP300 300 1.35
EP350 350 1.50
EP400 400 1.65


Feature and application


Generally used for powder,grain block material

Oil/fat resistant

Oil,fat material

Acid&alkali resistant
Heat resistant T 1100棬 T2125
temperature resistant
T3150棬T4180棬Fire Resistant:200--600
Flame retardant
T3150,T4180,Fire Resistant:200--600
Cold resistant
Abrasion resistant

Anti-shock for shaped material

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